Fellow Students Misled About My Removal From The Piscine

OK, now I’ve found out that the rest of the students were now told that I was removed or that I left because of “something with my daughter.”

Andreas of 42Heilbronn is willing to bully and deceive. The rules, for example, against bullying or harassment, do not apply to him: he is allowed to verbally threaten and abuse, but students aren’t even allowed to “interrupt” him.

If the “42 Schools” have multiple locations around the world, and just the 42Heilbronn staff is abusive and dangerous, then OK, I hope I’ll hear from the school’s leadership and I hope we’ll go through a process of atonement, but for now, I am very sincerely warning potential coders and students to avoid this institution completely.

When I saw their claim “too good to be true…,” well, I fell for it.

42heilbronn actually is too good to be true
42heilbronn actually is too good to be true

I feel really dumb that I fell for their marketing rhetoric šŸ™

A “free” school, where all you have to do is go into a super duper duper secured room with cameras all over the place and be put through a kind of “reality show” experience where your items can get moved without your knowledge, where you’re asked to do coding and scripting tasks that you don’t know how to do (and you refer ChatGPT and fellow students to somehow get through), and you have to face overt and covert bullying like, here’s a good one: students aren’t allowed to have food or drinks in the computer room, but the staff — right in front of the students — literally right there in front of your face behind a big glass wall — the staff has chips and dips and drinks and coffee and popcorn — all laying around their computers, but the students are only allowed to drink from closed containers, which are not allowed to be placed on the tables.

You’re being drilled with all kinds of social conditioning rhetoric the whole time, but the leadership can bully, be rude, and be late.

If the students are late, they get minus points — then you have to work those back…especially in the hands of the wrong people — it is an abusive and toxic environment — and definitely not one I’d recommend parents allow their children to enter.

It’s possible that the Heilbronn location is an exception, but even the advanced students – they don’t seem happy. I think they’ve been terrorized for a few years. They may have a kind of Stockholm Syndrome affiliation with the 42 School Network, but really, I recommend staying safe and staying clear of such “throwing a bunch of human animals into a cage” types of experiments.

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