Getting Kicked Out Of The Piscine Without Being Told A Cause (Warning!)

I had just finished doing 2 evaluations, and also was evaluated twice. I felt good about having successfully avoided Andreas for 2 days. I felt very chased by him, and just passing him caused him to get red under the collar. I also felt good that I asked a female student to stand next to me when I needed to ask Andreas to help me access my locker. He was gentle, kind and “all smiles” when a woman was standing next to me — his attitude towards me reminded me of my experience with the Austrian Jugendamt. If I was alone (and male), they would yell, demean, mistreat and get incredibly angry — but when my mother came to meetings, they were much much calmer and much more considerate.

Markus asked me to gather my things — I asked him if he knows me — and he said no. I asked him his name, and he said Markus. OK, what’s even happening and why?

I went to the computer I’d been using and got my headphones, but my jacket was not there. Another student had “misplaced” her spiral-bound notebook a day earlier, and I helped her find her notebook.

Several students had been breaking the rules regarding laptops in the computer room, but I did not say anything.

Andreas came with a huff and stood behind Markus and said we’re going to have a conversation in the “event room.” If we are going to have a conversation in the “event room,” then why am I being asked to gather my things?

I told them I am not talking to them without a witness, and they said OK.

I started walking back and forth through the computer tables, looking for my jacket. I told a few of my new friends that it looked like they were kicking me out:

Ju***: was very confused and he seems like a great guy and a great dad.

A****: looked confused (because we had worked a bit together)

I could not find the person I wanted to be a witness, and asked S***, but he got completely pale and scared. He said to both Markus and Andreas “Aber ich habe mit Dainis gearbeitet, alles war super…” S**** seemed so pale and scared, that I told him if he does not feel comfortable being a witness, I’ll ask someone else.

I asked someone else and she agreed to come to the discussion in the Event room.

Andreas asked me if I had anything in my locker, and I did and so I had to go get my backpack. I was clearly getting removed from the facility.

I did NOTHING wrong during the Piscine. I can guarantee that 100%. I was ridiculously careful in speaking with classmates, especially women — to the point where I kept my hands behind my back while talking with women — just so that I would not be misperceived as flirting. Actually, I noticed that I am much more capable of “not touching” people while talking to them — than people of many cultures. I was touched a whole lot more frequently than I touched — we are talking about just a touch on the arm or shoulder while talking — nothing flirtatious — just a normal part of communication in many cultures.

Andreas seemed to enjoy being very physically close to me and them “walking me” was a mafia-like experience.

Instead of going to the “Event room,” I had my backpack and jacket, and we were in the foyer. Markus looked at me, and then while looking at the floor said “we had several complaints, and…”

Because he was unable to look me in the eyes, I said “I don’t believe you.”

I asked what the complaints about me were, and Markus said that’s confidential.

I asked who complained — that is also confidential.

When were any complaints made — all confidential (is what Markus said while unable to look at me in the eyes).

I told Markus: Andreas is lying.

I started saying “all I was thinking was that Emi could sit at one of those tables while I did my studies, this is age discrimination, discrimination against single parents, and sexism.”

That did not change anything and they said if you don’t leave we are going to remove you from the facility.

I said well, I’m 52 maybe I’m up for a bit of an adventure, and the security guard (K****), pushed me out of the building.

They told me that they’d called the police and I said “Great, dann kann ich eine Anzeige machen,” and they seemed confused. They asked me to step off of the property, but I said, but if I step off of the property, the police won’t come…so I stayed on the property.

I’d been at the facility during K****’s shift, and I actually appreciate that he didn’t throw me down or hit me or kick me…he shoved me out of the facility fairly decently and at least didn’t injure me in any way.

Then, we started waiting for the police. I think the Piscine leadership thought I would just run away, if they said that the police were coming, but we waited for almost an hour for the police to come. During that hour, I talked mainly with the two security guards who started just laughing and doing smalltalk and stuff.

During the wait, a student came out and said that Andreas had done the following, he got up in front of everyone and said “He was removed for harassment, (then under his breath) actually that was someone else.”

So, that is what was stated in front of everyone: “He was removed for harassment, actually that was someone else.”

Another fellow student came out and said that there had been a Rumanian student who had been kicked out – because he had been loudly yelling political things – causing a disturbance. Also, an Indian student said “I identify as this bag of chips” in the kitchen area, and I don’t think I saw that student again…


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