I Waited For The Police To Come, So I Could Press Charges Against Andreas At 42Heilbronn

So, another person, who I think called himself “Steve,” came out and asked me to leave, and he told me I was not allowed to record. I said we’ve all agreed to be recorded during the Piscine (there are cameras all over the place), and I also told him that Andreas is lying, that I have a right to know what the complaints were about me, mentioned things like “it would make sense to talk things over instead of just kicking people out,” and I also repeated that Andreas is lying.

When the police came, I told them about how Andreas had mistreated me from the very beginning:

  • by not showing up to our zoom discussion (when I’d planned to ask if there could be a table for my daughter in the facility or somewhere nearby)
  • by asking me to wait 15-20 minutes with regard to creating my student account and keeping me waiting almost an hour
  • by getting red in the neck whenever I passed him by
  • by making me leave my backpack locked in a locker for several hours, because he would not just give me my old access card back for a second after I’d gotten my new one
  • and by requiring that I leave the institution without a reason…

…but the police said: ok, but we need to get to a Straftat – and that was simple: by standing in front of everyone and saying “(Loudly) He was removed for harassment, (softly) actually that was someone else.”

That is direct and intentional slander.

I’m confident that there were no complaints about me. I was making friends and looking forward to learning C. Their official reason was “various complaints,” but they would not say what the complaints were, who made them, or even when those complaints were made.

While it might sound like an exaggeration – this type of social control is exactly what both the Soviet and Nazi regimes perpetrated against their population.

Anonymous “complaints” can be “claimed” or “alleged,” and then those who’ve had such complaints lodged against them can be: deported, imprisoned, shot, tortured, etc.

The same thing happened at the Piscine in Heilbronn, Germany, in October 2023. Students can be forcefully removed from the facility based on anonymous rumors. The students themselves have no recourse and are not given the ability to find out what the rumors/complaints/allegations even were.

I’ve pressed charges against “Andreas,” and I am truly concerned about the students who trust the “42” network of schools. The students at the Piscine are more terrorized than trained – and with the school being “free,” the agreement to be filmed and used as a kind of human experimental lab rat – is very disconcerting. We all had to subordinate ourselves to an AI Goddess named “Moulinette,” if I’m remembering “her” name correctly, but “she” judges all humans.


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