Piscine Day 01

Pre-uptake experience

More mysterious than clear, more rash than kind.

First day

After being accepted, there was a date, where I needed to “log in,” and do something. But I needed to schedule my stay and provide for my daughter during my month in Germany. It was not clear whether I was really accepted, or if I could somehow lose my admission on September 25th, 2023. I asked if I’d been admitted, and for a phone call. We scheduled a phone call and the admissions person, “Andreas,” completely missed the meeting. Due to the time zone difference, I showed up to the meeting time, accidentally, an hour early — wrote to him that I was ready to meet. Then, I wrote to him right when it was our time to meet. Basically, the call was so important to me, that I blocked off several hours before and after the call time — so that I could ask a series of questions. “Andreas” completely missed the appointment. He did not show up. He later apologized for missing the appointment, stating that 1-on-1 communication is only possible for very important communication.

This is from my email to “Andreas,” after he missed our call and apologized.

Here was my list of questions prepared for our call:

  1. Am I really accepted?
  2. What is to be done on the 25th, can I lose my place on the 25th?
  3. Will Emi receive an access card?
  4. How can I best prepare?
  5. How can I best plan my time between the Piscine and the sessions starting in March?
  6. Can I already sign up to present my idea(s) for investment?
  7. I am particularly interested in meeting representatives from DM and Porsche.
    1. CHRISTOPH WERNER – Christoph is the CEO of dm, a large German retail chain offering cosmetics, healthcare items, household products and health food and drinks.

Ich war 10 Jahre Vollzeit alleinerziehender Papa. Jetzt, versuchen wir es mit ein wenig zeit bei Emis Mutter, aber da sind Komplikationen, die einfach nicht geeignet sind für eMail Kommunikation.

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