Piscine Day 03

Day 3 3:07 AM

Came in because a colleague needs to know what time the excursion is today.

Quotes: People Over Policy (Dainis W. Michel)

Recommendation for the school (do not tell them now): Concentrate on coding over coercing student character to comply with authority.


%> ls -l
total XX
drwx–xr-x 2 dmichel 2023_heilbronn XX Jun 1 20:47 test0
-rwx–xr– 1 dmichel 2023_heilbronn 4 Jun 1 21:46 test1
dr-x—r– 2 dmichel 2023_heilbronn XX Jun 1 22:45 test2
-r—–r– 2 dmichel 2023_heilbronn 1 Jun 1 23:44 test3
-rw-r—-x 1 dmichel 2023_heilbronn 2 Jun 1 23:43 test4
-r—–r– 2 dmichel 2023_heilbronn 1 Jun 1 23:44 test5
lrwxrwxrwx 1 dmichel 2023_heilbronn 5 Jun 1 22:20 test6 -> test0

Day 3 15:53
Gotta finish these exercises!

s***’s C Piscine Shell 00 (2 retries)
S**e really is a wonderful young lady!

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