Piscine Day 04

I was able to complete the Shell00 exercise, have tried to avoid Andreas. I passed him once and he seemed to get very red and angry.

Sy**** was super cool and evaluated my exercise at my PC — I have 100% correct, but the Git Repository simply won’t take my files. I tried from 18 yesterday to 2AM today to reconfigure Git submission — but it just won’t take my files.

dmichel@1-B-1 ~ % ssh -T git@v*****e.42heilbronn.de
Hi there, dmichel! You’ve successfully authenticated with the key named dmichel 2023-10-19T00:59:30Z, but Gitea does not provide shell access.
If this is unexpected, please log in with password and setup Gitea under another user.

Could Andreas be sabotaging my experience at the Piscine?

Sy**** offered to spend some time with me to (once again) reconfigure the Git repository from scratch to make sure I can submit my tests…

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