Mark Zuckerberg — You Have Failed Us

Hey Mark Zuckerberg, I feel a tremendous amount of sadness for your loved ones — the people in your circle who suffer because of your lack of empathy.

Your direct efforts to be legal while being unethical may be driving profits via extortion, but even a blade of grass pushes its way through concrete.

You, Mark Zuckerberg, are trying to be the concrete, and I am the blade of grass. You already lost this “battle,” because you chose the wrong side. You chose the side of censorship, monopolization, control, pathology, and extortion. I have lived a life nourishing and strengthening the principles of truth, freedom, health, peace, and joy.

You have relegated yourself to the exploitation of construction. I am construction, you are destruction — and it seems clear that you enjoy your position. Destruction is always easier, it is the path of weak minds and insecure souls.

By suppressing speech, you’re the kid who throws rocks at windows and laughs as they shatter. I’m the parent who fixes the windows and teaches you responsible behavior.

There are better ways to deal with your pathology than suppressing speech, Mark.

What did I try to post? Actual CV19 vaccine death statistics. Official US government statistics. That is what I tried to post. The actual numbers.

That, Mark, makes you a war criminal, in a war that a growing percentage recognizes as such.

For my family, friends, readers, acquaintances, and “fans” (even if you are a “fan,” i’d like to figure out a better designation for you), please make sure I have your name, phone number, and email address.

I have very close friends whose email addresses and phone numbers I don’t even have — and to be blocked even from sending messages to you — was actually a bit terrifying. Mark Zuckerberg has taken over my ability to correspond with my own friends and family, by taking over email and phone correspondence.

We got a bit lazy, and relied on FB messenger to be able to keep in touch.

Mark Zuckerberg: I no longer trust you to maintain my address book.

So please, make an account here:…

OR connect with me…aIQfzuVF

My SkypeName is dainismichel

and my phone numbers are:


Those who still remember my old HP phone number: it’s now a VoiceMail, so you can call and leave me a message and I’ll get back to you.

Even though this is a semi-public post — please respect my contact info — and especially if I don’t have your: name, email, physical address, and phone number — then you absolutely must respect my time and availability. Call during business hours and ask when I can be in touch.

If we’re close enough that I know where you live and have your other contact info — then call anytime day or night because we are absolutely here for each other during these CovidCrazy times.

For all of my friends and family and acquaintances, regardless of how close or distant — the best way for us to keep in touch is for you to make an account here:…

Click the blue button. That’s where I’ll put your physical address (safely and not publicly) to be able to send out Holiday greetings this year. Ideally you’d put your physical address in…but I know things get busy.

Back to you Mark Zuckerberg: it’s incredibly upsetting that society has trusted you to maintain our global social network, and that you have let us down so profoundly by instituting censorship. You should be teaching critical thinking instead of creating a ministry of truth. You should be teaching rational and logical thought, instead of distancing your users from proper cognition. You should be teaching your users to apply the scientific method instead of creating a new cult religion of covidism and scientism.

You’ve failed us Mark Zuckerberg, and you CAN do better. Start today and do better, be kinder, and align yourself with Truth, Freedom, Health, Peace — and Joy.

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