Sexist Cities

Leslie Kern Sexist Cities


as a man, every time i drive through a tunnel, i feel oppressive feminism gobbling me up.

walking through doorways — same

umm — AUTOMATIC sliding doors that scream this world is for women and women only and we choose when we open and when we close and you will always and only be subservient as a man!!!

yeah, the door to my own home — has a key-HOLE!

i have to have the key. i have to be the prick, right? the jerk, always the jerk, never loved

There is nothing more humiliating than the oppressive feminine of every single piece of tech!

Windows: explorer – explore-HER — right because no one would ever want to explore him

Mac: Finder — right find-HER because no one would ever want to find HIM!

crushing misandry at every step making it increasingly humiliating to be male

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