Spotify Strategy -101 (That’s Negative)

.. hey, i’ve been thinking about doing something kinda unique. so, the thing is that i wrote an award-winning alternative rock album in the late 1990s. it’s never been released. here’s one of the songs from the album:…-campaign/

careful cuz it starts with a fairly loud brass intro!

now a whole lot of musicians are mad at Daniel Ek of Spotify. mad that the Spotify’s rise is associated with the promise that musicians will be able to be paid more — and more fairly.

that has not happened and Daniel Ek is worth 1.9 billion dollars.

Daniel Ek

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Makin’ that money rain!

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you don’t do that to your fellow man. you don’t rake in 1.9 Billion for yourself, paying even prominent musicians, pennies.
it’s unethical.

1.9 Billion dollars. wow.

now there’s a good way to generate a whole lot of animosity towards yourself: ride the promise of fairness and then exploit.

i might be misunderstanding the situation. if i am please correct me where i’m wrong. nuthin better than discovering you’ve been holding onto an incorrect view and changing it, you know? 

so anyway, here’s what i was thinking of doing…

i’m thinking of releasing my songs, one by one, but talking over the intros and outros and saying — hey this is dainis and you’re listening to the (streaming/complimentary) version of my song (SongName), i (hope you’re having a wonderful moment in your life right now — some kind of nice thing to say), and if you’d like the highest quality audio format download, without my (lovely LOL) voice talking over the music, then just head on over to and click on the shop link to make your purchase…

something along those lines

what do you think?

Here are some options for listening and earning. The best, for me, is if a listener goes to iTunes and purchase the song. 

At the time of writing, I’ve gotten one song out onto Spotify. Whoah. I mean, should I bother uploading more music to Spotify?

Apparently, I have acquired $8.24 USD in musicoin. OK, well, it’s more than Spotify.

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Akash Thakkar

…fantastic resource for musicians… “Around 3 months ago, I stumbled upon Dainis’ website when looking for resources on composition. I sent him an e-mail asking about his book “How to Write Your Songs Down”, wondering about its content and If I stood to gain anything from it, being a student at Berklee College of Music.…


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