Stop Sabotaging My Website(s)!

I am an individual medical human rights advocate and did very well in the last parliamentary elections in Latvia (didn’t make it but got a surprisingly large number of votes for someone who’d just moved to Latvia).

My efforts have been sabotaged — frequently — and I just want “free and clear” websites — that I can actually work with.

I have a small business opportunity to create a pronunciation app — I really need to get the word out — and these problems are blocking my ability to live, work, and earn.

As odd as it may seem to a casual reader, with this post I am affirming: I require safe passage through to 105 years of age. That means no entry, no meddling, no sabotage — to any and all saboteurs. That means: no


behavior — of any kind — in my life.

That goes for me and my family. All predators and/or perpetrators of predation are to leave us alone, forever.

Now, if you are a spirit/entity/consciousness/soul/incarnation — that has the capacity for “accordant” that means synergistic mutually beneficial cooperation — then we can talk about it — agree or disagree — and either engage or disengage.

However, my time subjugated by suffering, destruction, narcissism, sociopathy, malice (and the like) is over.

I am leaving the “classroom” led by “Miss Suffering” and have transferred to the classroom led by “Miss Bliss.”

So, how that relates to my website(s): stop sabotaging my websites. Stop infiltrating with hundreds of malicious fake registrations per day (I just deleted 15k attack registrations from this website), stop taking sites of mine like down (they are GOOD sites with GOOD helpful loving truthful content), stop sabotaging my app development my communications — and/or — my life. Stop it!

I am tired of trying to make a simple post (like this one), and then all of a sudden — the font size functionality does not work (like right now). For no reason. Right now — my tech team — is working on why “font size” does not work on this website anymore.

I am tired of this kind of nonsense. If I am somehow targeted — you must untarget me — and I am placing conditions on this untargeting.

If you are sabotaging my life — either automatically, semi-automatically — or directly — you are rescinding your right to live. You are rescinding your claim on consciousness — on life itself.

I do not know if I have “one life to live,” if I will be reincarnated, or if we will see each other in the afterlife — but if you are “conscious” and I am “conscious” in the afterlife — and you are sabotaging my life — here on Earth — then you have agreed to your elimination from consciousness.

If there has been any kind of “agreement” or a “soul contract” prior to my “incarnation” here on Earth, that somehow allowed me to be attacked in the multiple ways I have been attacked and abused and misused here on Earth — then those contracts are dissolved. Across all time space realty/realities.

With the powerful assistance of The Father, The Son, The Holy Ghost, The Virgin Mary, Holy Joseph — and any and all other helpful ancestors or Divine/Angelic forces — we remove and and all curses, sabotage, malice, all the way down to the slightest destructive intent or even playful pranks.

My inner senses strongly indicate that “soul contracts” have been broken (should they exist), with regard to my life here on Earth. That attempts have been made to have me empathetically absorb the “karmafal” or the “energetic results” of the misdeeds of others. I know my soul: I did not agree to the kind of sabotage and suffering I have experienced here on Earth. I hereby also charge all saboteurs in my life to account, in the Court of Souls (again if there is such a thing).

If you have not sabotaged my life, and are just casually reading my words here, that’s ok…but if you’ve been involved in destructive behaviors that include: abduction, rape, molestation, brutal physical assault, hacking, and any other forms of disturbance, then you know who you are, and you are being charged. On all levels. You must stop. For the unfortunate incarnated souls here on Earth who have perpetrated against me, you are being charged here in Earthly courts.

Should you exist “behind” my lived experience, in other dimensions — you have no access to my energy — are not to examine or manipulate my thoughts or my experience here on Earth. All evil/malice must go away from me.

I can harmonize with “decay” but not with “destruction.”
I harmonize with constructive energies and synergies.

It’s just that the sabotage, seriously, must finally stop. I again call upon The Father, The Son (Jesus Christ), The Holy Ghost, The Virgin Mary, Holy Joseph — and any and all other helpful ancestors or Divine/Angelic forces — to help release me from any and all curses — any and all efforts to have me be a surrogate or a scapegoat to “ground” or absorb the energetic accountability (karma/karmafal) of others — is halted now and forever. I am not your scapegoat, and you are to pay reparations for subjugating me — serious complete bountiful reparations — in cash, precious metals, and gemstones — in this life. Now.

To be continued…

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