Warning! Do not watch this video, if you wish to remain staunchly for vaccination mandates

It’s just a brief viewing of the following Vaccine Memorial page:


[dropcap]M[/dropcap]y stance is one that resolves the “Vaccine Debate” entirely. It is one of simply honoring medical human rights and privacy.

I will forever be grateful to our loving pediatrician, who had careful and caring discussions with me about vaccination choices for my daughter. He disclosed his vaccination decisions for his own children and recommended that I attend several seminars, which I did.

We also discussed the differences in ingredients and manufacturing practices depending on where specific vaccines are sourced. For example: if you knew that specific vaccines not only included “proprietary ingredients,” but were made in China with little to no oversight, would you choose that manufacturer?

I faced the option of European vs. US medical care for my daughter (or a mixture), and my choices will remain absolutely private.

If you find yourself not wanting a specific vaccine, or getting into long, drawn out, and contentious debates online  about vaccines — remember — your medical information is private. You don’t have to tell anyone. Camps, schools, jobs, etc. that seek to extort your medical records or force you to participate in specific medical practices — are in violation of your human rights. Press criminal charges, and they will lose.

Regarding public health, in general, if you wish to lose in court or have charges brought against you or your practice, organization, government, business, or school, then seek to gather medical information about your attendees, students, citizens, employees, etc. Worse, create legislation or policies that allow for medical mandates.

It doesn’t matter how healthy eating apples may be, offering parents and children apples is OK, but forcing apples down the throats of children is assault. Coercing the unwanted consumption of apples by withholding public school adds a layer of government overreach to the equation as an accessory to assault. 

Humanity is facing the choice between two futures: gunpoint medicine, vaccinations at checkpoints, forced medical procedures in order to renew your driver’s license, loss of medical power of attorney over your children along with the inability to give medical power of attorney to your children during end-of-life care, medical refugees, and medical kidnapping


compliance with the following Mandate:

The Michel Mandate

* adults make medical decisions for themselves and their children

* medical information including vaccine history, is private

* product manufacturers, including vaccine manufacturers, are responsible for the safety of the entire production, consumption, and disposal life cycle of their products

* everyone is required to refuse to violate the rights of others — even if forced, ordered, or paid to do so


Furthermore, it is essential that we start engaging in a compassionate vaccine “debate.”

When you take a staunch stance on vaccines, you are saying that only one of these families deserves your compassion: Marcella Gruelle died, at age 13, from a mandatory vaccination administered at school without parental consent. Olivia Dahl died, at age 7, from measles encephalitis.

Our deepest condolences to the families, regardless of time past, and may the souls of these lovely girls continue to rest in peace.


Death caused by supposedly vaccine preventable diseases and/or infections is tragic. Death & injury caused by vaccination, for which 4 billion dollars have been paid out since 1986, are also tragic.

So, to clear things up, I actually think that vaccination is a fascinating and legitimate medical practice. You inject something and seek to provide immunity. Neato!

But vaccination mandates violate human rights — no matter how much you believe in a vaccine. Vaccine mandates also irreparably damage the sacred doctor-patient relationship and lead to doctors being feared instead of being respected. Vaccine mandates lead to drastic reduction in vaccine quality and inhibit the development of newer and better disease and infection reduction and elimination technologies (like light and resonance therapies).

Vaccinate or not, it’s your choice, and your choice is private.

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