Investment Opportunity New Patent

I finally “did it again.” Another billion dollar idea.

This time, I am in a perfect position with a physical product that is currently strictly confidential. Here is a quick video that describes the invention.

I’m making 35% of my profits available to you, with 10% available, for life.

1% costs 10K.

First 10% = lifetime residuals
11-20% = pays up to 10x of your investment
21-35% = pays up to 5x of your investment

For me to disclose the invention to you, please enter a donation amount of $10/month minimum, or $100 one-time.

I will then set up a time with you to have a skype call, and I will show you the invention.

You can back out, but the fee for the disclosure call is non-refundable, and you will need to sign an NDA prior to our call.

It means that the lowest barrier of entry to know what the idea is prior to its launch announcements, is only $10, because you can cancel your monthly support amount at any time.

This one, is BIG.

It’s near-instant.

With my design, it’s even easy to manufacture, easy to license to existing manufacturers, and easy to splinter into dozens of related products.

Done right, within 1 year, this product could be in every household where there are electronics, all across the globe.

Please feel free to get in touch via Skype, LinkedIn, or my chatbot here on this page.

Serious inquiries only.


NOTE — LifeTime residuals investment packages are no longer available!

Only 30 1% packages available

10,000 USD buys up to 100x paid at 1% of residuals, capped at 1,000,000 USD (5 packages available)

10,000 USD buys up to 10x paid at 1% of residuals, capped at 100,000 USD (10 packages available)

10,000 USD buys up to 5x paid at 1% of residuals, capped at 50,000 USD (5 packages available)

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