do you have bad choral singers in your choir?

if you are a choral director, and you have some bad singers in your choir, would you maybe like to earn about $50 USD per bad singer in your choir?

i’m putting together a product called “Mastering Choral Singing.” it’s going to cost around $197, maybe $147. the affiliate commission will be either $50 USD or $100 USD.

the way it would work is that you would kindly advise a few of your choir members to take my online course, and then you will get an affiliate commission. would you like that?

also: quite honestly, i can really help your “inadequate” choir members become much better singers. i can help them improve their practice habits, their intonation, and their sight singing.

it’s not that you can’t or couldn’t help them, but sometimes it’s more effective to bring in a specialist. also, the “Mastering Choral Singing” community presents itself in the form of “virtual coaching,” which makes it super non-confrontational and private. your singers can improve their choral singing at homes, in their cars, or while passively reading or listening while on public transportation.

actually, if you drop me a line regarding the specific issue you are facing with a certain choir member (tardiness, intonation, singing too loudly, talking during rehearsal, just plain singing loudly and incorrectly, …), i can politely, but prominently place information in that singer’s course to address and resolve the issue.

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