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Be it a musical, IT, writing, or business project, I will help you go from concept to realization with care, dedication, and compassion.

Lessons & Coaching

Sessions with me are tailored to your exact situation and needs. Get in touch and let me know what you need help with…


Music for Media

I specialize in translating emotional moments into song. My name means man of song, and I’m doing my best to honor that. 


My experience in IT Training, Consulting, Documentation, Software Development, and Web Coordination can help you reach your business and creative goals.


I’ve had my finger on the pulse of web and business progress for over two decades, and I have a knack for seeing solutions others don’t. Tell me what’s going on, and I can see if I can help.


I am here to support your process and your goals. Skilled in providing a listening ear, I can help move your projects forward faster — with heart!

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My Mission

I am here to help.

I do so by passionately absolving myself of belief and moving forward in knowledge. I have made a habit of rapidly discarding conclusions shown to be incorrect, and as a result, I “clean up” inefficient procedures when given the capacity or authority to do so. I am resolutely ethical, and employers or project managers who want me to participate in harmful or illegal practices must look elsewhere. 

I am absolutely dedicated to kindness even towards those who have done me wrong.

Music has been the best tool I’ve found to help me process the situations and emotions I experience. Increasingly, it seems like souls like to get in touch with me with a song or some lyrics or a message or just a greeting — while they are passing from this life to the next.

Truth, compassion, generosity, kindness, empathy, and understanding are among my guiding principles, and I hold to them above all. Unfortunately, I have already had to face evil in my life, and I give evil two choices: transform into kindness and honesty, or simply leave me alone.

Regardless of the nature of your project or problem, if  your instincts tell you I can help, I probably can. Just get in touch!



May Yue

Watch my video about how the Profitable Virtual and Physical Business Integration process Dainis W. Michel is guiding me through is helping my business. Highly Recommended.

Akash Thakkar

I would like to thank Dainis for his incredible caring and kindness for fellow musicians, and for writing such a fantastic book. I dearly hope that as time goes by, this gets the recognition it deserves as a fantastic resource for musicians who want a jump start when it comes to composition.

Emily Sanders

“This is one of the most complete collections of practical songwriting resources and ideas, both for creative inspiration and for a myriad of professional musical skills. Easy to access and great fun to read, these books are a must for the serious songwriter. Dainis’ insight into the artist’s mind is exceptional!”

Lesley Pinkett

“I am truly impressed with both the quantity and the quality of the information in “How to write your songs down” by Dainis W. Michel. There has been a tremendous amount of work into this project and the result is a stunningly simple explanation of song writing techniques.”

Michael Schelle

“You always make me proud – as a musician but, more important, as a wonderful human being and exceptional dad!”


Akash Thakkar

…fantastic resource for musicians… “Around 3 months ago, I stumbled upon Dainis’ website when looking for resources on composition. I sent him an e-mail asking about his book “How to Write Your Songs Down”, wondering about its...

May Yue

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Parenting Attitude

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Requesting Money Not Owed

Effective Immediately For All Contracts Including Those Past Requesting money not owed from dainis w michel carries the cost of 10x the requested amount, with the following additional fee schedule. This is a product all contract partners with dainis w … Read...

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