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Market Size

According to a report by GlobeNewswire, the global English language learning market is expected to grow from $11.35 billion in 2021 to $35.78 billion by 2030, at a CAGR of 13.6% during the forecast period 2022-2030


Another report by Adroit Market Research estimates that the global Language Learning Applications market size is expected to reach close to $28.5 billion by 2029 with an annualized growth rate of 18.8%


  1. BoldVoice: Learn Pronunciation
  2. ELSA Speak – Learn English Pronunciation
  3. howjsay English Pronunciation
  4. LearnEnglish Sounds Right
  5. Pronuncian – English Pronounce
  6. Say It: Pronunciation
  7. Accent Training
  8. English Pronunciation Tutor

LeSAEp.com will enter the market strong — because Dainis W. Michel has already disected the English Language. We are going to provide a laser-focused series of lessons to help users hone in specifically on the sounds they need help with.

Our users will waste no time — and will get exactly the lessons they need.

Creator Prolife (Why Dainis?)

Dainis W. Michel

  • Has a double degree in English Literature and Rhetoric, and he graduated with distinction
  • Has written tens of thousands of pages of technical documentation
  • Has written and performed thousands of hours of music
  • Has taught thousands of students topics ranging from the simplest letters (to children), to complex technological tasks to adults, to creative musical tasks like composition and songwriting
  • Has managed technological projects ranging from software development and enhancement to web development and coordination – and has kept a keen eye on the “people aspect” of technology, always making it more usable more accessible friendlier and more satisfying to use
  • Got a perfect score on his “Foundations in Systems Science” exam
  • Dares to allow truth to be his guide in all of his communications and efforts — that means in work and personal life, in health and political impact: where we can agree that we will discard our false beliefs, conclusions, and assumptions as we discover them — there can be no conflict between us.
  • Will attend a 1-year instensive online coding school program to finally “Learn to Code,” and develop this app himself.
  • His word is his bond, we will make this app.

Dainis Already Created the Course

The course content has already been created!

VocalImage chose to take their app in another direction (details privately), and on Oct 1, 2024, we will be free to release our improved version of the AI-powered lessons!

In the LeSAEp.com app, Dainis will be friendlier and more approachable…

Dainis spent several months disecting the English language, and wrote an encyclopedic exposé on how to pronounce each and every sound in the English languge. The text is more thorough and detailed than the entries found in the Encyclopedia Britannica, and much better than the entries found on WikiPedia. The world deserves these instructions! With your investment, you can help bring laser-focused English pronunciation instruction to the world.

Business plan

Executive Summary:
The LeSAEp app revolutionizes English pronunciation education through innovative AI technology, providing a personalized, efficient, fast, and exacting learning experience. Our preliminary app, launching by Feb 7, 2024, allows users to record a sentence, receive instant pronunciation scores, and connects them to tailored improvement resources. The production app, by blending AI with Eurythmy, traditional pronuncation pedagogy, and advanced pronuncation science, precisely identifies the sounds that need improvement and then presents the exact lessons needed, saving our users time, hassle, and money, while significantly reducing their mispronunciation frequency in Standard American English.

Rollout Plan:

  1. Preliminary App Launch (Feb 7, 2024):
    • Deploy app on major platforms.
    • Initiate targeted social media and email marketing campaigns.
    • Gather user feedback for app enhancement.
    • Initiate referral plan opportunity
  2. Refinement Phase:
    • Analyze user data and feedback for improvements.
    • Refine partnerships with language educators.
    • Optimize AI algorithms for enhanced precision.
  3. Production App Launch:
    • Integrate AI-powered features for pinpointed learning.
    • Implement referral program for user growth.
    • Collaborate with influencers and educators for promotion.
  4. Continuous Improvement:
    • Regular updates based on user feedback.
    • Explore additional language learning features.
    • Expand partnerships with educational institutions.

Financial Overview:
The LeSAEp app operates on a subscription model priced at $150 USD annually. A strategic referral program rewards users with a $100 commission for successful referrals, fostering community growth. Financial projections anticipate slow initial user acquisition, but then a rapid uptake, with revenue reinvested into technology enhancements, marketing, and partnerships. This sustainable model positions LeSAEp for continued success and dominance in the English pronunciation education market.

Investor Details

Investment Period (August/September 2023):

  • Investors can express their interest and proceed with their investments.
  • The investment opportunity ends at the end of September 2023.
  • After this date, no further investments will be accepted.

Development Phase (Oct 1, 2023 – Oct 1, 2024):

  • This phase involves the development of the App.
  • Funds from investors who participated in the investment period will be used for development.

Launch Phase (After Development):

  • After the development phase, the App will be launched.

Payout Phase (Oct 1, 2024 – Oct 1, 2029):

  • Investors will start receiving payouts proportional to their percentage of the total investment amount (announced Oct 1, 2023), from 1/3 of the profits of the App, on a monthly basis.
  • The payout period lasts from October 1, 2024, to October 1, 2029.

Return on Investment:

  • Returns for investments in the range of $100 to $999 are capped at 2 times the initial investment.
  • Returns for investments in the range of $1,000 to $9,999 are capped at 3 times the initial investment.
  • Returns for investments above $10,000 are capped at 5 times the initial investment.

As always, it’s essential for potential investors to thoroughly review the investment terms, consult with professionals, and consider the risks and potential returns before making any investment decisions.

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