The App Development Journey (Edition 01)

Today is October 26, 2023

A bit of history on this app:

I have some “life problems” to solve, and some “life goals” to achieve. I was thinking about this situation:

so, like, I got A LOT of votes, right?

BUT click through and you see a pretty bitter reality:

Source:…v-michelis Date Oct 26, 2023, 13:34

Actually, I listed myself as 200k in debt. Why?

To get out of my marriage with my xWife, I had to sign on her debts. They are legally now “my debts,” and many men have been “ruined worse” by their Xs, so I can consider myself lucky.

But I started thinking…

OK, in 1991, I was offered a full-ride scholarships to college, if I switched my major to computer programming…hmm…it was because of an unfortunate conversation with my father that I declined the scholarship offer (a painful memory), but hmmm….maybe I can see if I can get into a coding school of some kind…

To be continued

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