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A stranger comes up driving
and offers me a ride
though the reason sounds appealing
here’s my reply

No no no no
someone take out a phone
we’re gonna get a picture of you
I called the police
who protect our peace
now leave me alone!

Seems like a friendly person
I just met online
well it’s a kidnapper’s fake virtual profile asking
do you want to meet in real life?

I showed my dad
I showed my mom
I took a screenshot to my teacher
Thanks to the law
The perpetrator was caught
and the world is a safer place!

I know some kids are trying
drugs sex and other stuff
they want me to join them
and do things that are dangerous

No no no no
you’ve got to go
I only do what’s healthy for me
My life is mine
and yours is yours
and I love me!

I will never bully
or call anybody names
I report anyone who tries it with me
Your least consequence is shame

No no no no
You’ve got to go
Bullying has no place in my life
Powerfully surrounding me
are joy and peace!

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