Rock Song: Can’t Run (Video Kickoff For Campaign)



I’ve started talking with people about launching a campaign, and I figured this song would be a good one to start with:

I’m gathering video clips now, and a few really amazing artists have agreed to have their work shown in the video. If you have a visual contribution that you feel would work well in a video about perseverance and accepting the sometimes painful process growth can require, then please do get in touch.

Here is a video that moved me, and shows the kind of work I will be doing in the future ­čÖé Click on the image to hear a soulful and heartfelt cover of “Bright Eyes – First Day Of My Life.”

Julia Westlin - Bright Eyes - First Day Of My Life (Acapella Cover) Video

Artists, whose work will be included in the video as of January 16th, 2015 are:

Rob Secades


Vladimir Volegov


Thank you to everyone who has contributed their time, work, encouragement and support, to make it possible for me to release my work now…

This particular song was written and recorded in the late 90’s and was a part of a collaborative musical project I created. It would be super lovely, if everything “came together,” for a real, official release of the song w a meaningful and appealing video.

Feel free to think through how you may be able to support, encourage, benefit, and/or contribute.


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