I do my absolute best to protect your privacy. Hackers, meanies, and bots — well — I mean — look — you think I can really protect the info on this site from billionaire creeps?

If this info gets hacked or compromised, it is not my fault. The security here is on par with most major corporations. I’m not bad at this here online schtuff. But if major credit card companies & banks sometimes wind up sharing all of their data with the whole world (accidentally) for like a day — I get some leeway.

I’m probably underselling myself here — I’ll keep your data secure. I’ve had some “big names” in my online circles before — and their info has never been compromised.

I’m just saying: I care more about your privacy than the current industry standard. We are spied upon nearly constantly. I’ve even developed software to move things from surveillance-based to permission-based advertising. That’s how much I care about your privacy.

But, if some bozo hacks into my site and steals all the email addresses, then I can’t be held responsible for the criminal acts of other people.

So, the upshot is: your information is more secure with me than with most anyone & most any tech setup.

dainis w michel