Requesting Money Not Owed


For a per-incident fee of 1,000.00 Euro + 10x your requested but not owed amount, you can enjoy financially bullying me. Click to find out more!






  • you get to send me bills for services not rendered
  • you get to take me to court and attempt to extort payment for services not rendered and products not purchased (additional per hour fees determined on a case-by-case basis)
  • you get emails, phone consultations, and in person lessons regarding business ethics and basic policies¬†(additional per hour fees determined on a case-by-case basis)

In general, when you are requesting money not owed, you get many warnings over the course of many months (if not years) not to purchase the product. Only when your belligerence and idiocy exceeds my personal level of tolerance, do you get a bill for “Requesting Money Not Owed.” I determine whether you’ve purchased the product, not you. I get to protect my time and I get to determine what I spend my time and attention on — not you.

If you’ve received a bill for “Requesting Money Not Owed,” just stop it. Don’t send the bill to collections and don’t take me to court, because you will lose and then you will not only owe me for “Requesting Money Not Owed,” but also for my time.

Since the basic fee is 10x the requested amount and 1.000 per incident, you can pay in 1.000 Euro increments here.…ot-owed/¬†


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