Wasting My Time (1 Hour)






Would you too like to waste my time? Many businesses and individuals enjoy wasting my time, and when you’re doing so, I generally follow the following procedure:

  1. I warn you that you are wasting my time, and if you continue to do so, that I’ll send you a bill
  2. You laugh at me like ha ha you can’t do that
  3. I say: my time and attention are my most valued assets, you are to stop wasting my time, or I will send you a bill commensurate with the time of mine that you have wasted
  4. Next: My time is mine — it is not yours — you have no authority to just usurp my time and attention, even if you’ve been instructed to do so. You might be from “the state,” or some service provider, or an individual, or a business…it does not matter…my time is mine, it is not yours. You do not get to use my time without compensating me for it.
  5. If you’re receiving a bill for wasting my time, you better believe that you’ve been wasting my time. Stop it, and I won’t collect on the bill.
  6. I mean that: stop wasting my time, and I will not collect.
  7. But if you continue to waste my time, you can expect a bill.



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