This is a letter from May 2020

You know, this CoronaSituation has definitely made me rethink my priorities and direction in life. How has it impacted you? Any new thoughts or ideas come up? Have you thought about projects you always wanted to do, but didn’t? Can I help you in any way?

For me, after interviewing Tom Barnet and Prof. Bhakdi, also considering that over the years I’ve actually interviewed quite a few prominent folks like: David Wolfe (raw foods), Dr. Hans Greuel (tinnitus), Prof. Erich Urbanner (music composition), Dr. Leonard Horowitz (frequencies and health), Ligita Embrekte (healing ancestral trauma), and others, I’ve decided to “let” that “direction” take me to new horizons by really letting my “ TV Show” come to maturity.

Just like other self-hosted TV shows (LondonReal, An0maly, Rick Beato, and many more Mark Dice The Highwire), they’re supported by the audience.

Audiences pledge a monthly amount, receive “perks” in exchange, and the show can then take place.

So, I’ve put together the following perk for the 1st month of support.

3 Song Digital Download

  • Time Flies: honored by being selected for the “Champaign Underground Best Kept Secrets” Album
  • Creep on: this is a suicide intervention song written in response to the news of Kurt Cobain’s death
  • To belong: This song was initially a part of the “Bloom: Global Rock!” album, which won the Albert P. Weisman Award at Columbia College in Chicago, it was also the song that led to me being the “Artist of the Week” at Musicoin Week 39 of 2019!

3 Full-Interview Digital Download

  • David Wolfe (Raw Foods)
  • Tom Barnet (Health Expert)
  • Prof. Bhakdi (Immunologist and Microbiologist)

Plus: Access to my private supporter discussion board where you can make recommendations, and where I plan to develop a mutually supportive community dedicated to the joy of its members.

I’d appreciate your support.


dainis w michel