May Yue

Please watch my video about how the Profitable Virtual and Physical Business Integration process Dainis W. Michel is guiding me through is helping my business. 

Highly Recommended.

More about May

May comes from a long family tradition of medical doctors. The daughter of a physician and granddaughter of a certified British Royal Surgeon, May also pursued the sciences and received her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Minnesota. She went further to complete her OPM work at Harvard Business School and since the year 2000, May has been President and Chief Executive officer of SKY BioHealth Solutions, Inc. (a company she founded with her brother Dr. Sam Yue) which sells health-related products based upon his inventions and patents. Over the course of the past several years, Bio-Health Solutions has created products to generate the feeling and appearance of youth. Hundreds upon hundreds of requests had poured in by clients requesting a book that could accompany and enhance the treatments—and now May has methodically prepared a new volume for the new millennium: The Tao of Youth.

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