A quick note about the emotional symbolism behind “Thunderwipes!”


I’d like to make the note that the customer experience is: everything has been thought of for you, everything in this product is made with intelligence and heart – you, as the customer, are cared for and taken care of.

Just the “windshield wiper” edging — the material is there anyway — so why not use it effectively?
The chemicals — are mixed just right to clean but not harm 99.99% of screens — it’s done with kindness and intelligence.

The cloth/paper surfaces are made designed for their purpose. one cleans, the other polishes. So they’re different.

Even disposal is thought of, because a portion of the profits is donated to figure out how to handle waste — we may even put specific chemicals or helpful bacteria into the wipe packaging — to specifically help unclog clogged sewage systems — to reduce dump volume, etc.

The experience is like when you get into a car that is well-designed — you can reach everything and you can see well. I recently rented a Renault Trafic. I was quite surprised by how pleasant the driving experience was. I could see well, there was enough power, I could reach all of the knobs, the mirrors were excellent, etc. I also recently rented a newer Toyota Corolla — it has a thick beam right where you need to see if you are stopped and turning left onto a larger street. I really did not like that driving experience at all — the roof is low so I can’t take a sip from a water bottle. In the Renault Trafic, there is even a nice drink holder.

That Corolla is made more for looks than function — and for me that is not satisfactory.

I hope that makes sense: the user will feel cared for, and cared for properly. The Wipes work, and every part of the design is functional and thought through.

The “windshield wiper” could actually be a bit like a ziploc edge, but then Ziploc would need to be open to collaborating/cooperating — especially for petwipes, a ziploc type edge would be perfect, because then you’d be able to seal the excrement as you dispose of it.

ElectronixWipes don’t need to “reseal” very much at all, so we don’t need a ziploc edge…but we do need a bit of a “windshield wiper” edge, with which people will squeegee their phones squeaky clean 🙂 


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