Dear Consumable Paper Product Purchasing Team!

Guess what?

I’ve invented a patent-pending paper towel and wet wipes product line that offers dry, moist, wet, and waterproof surfaces — delivering a better wiping experience for everyone.

They’re called VarioWipes!

Can you put me in touch with the right team or person with the authority to, purchase, pre-purchase, “promise to purchase” or even send me a “conditional commitment to purchase?”

A conditional commitment to purchase would be something like:

“Sure, Dainis, the idea looks great, if you can send us some samples that we like, we’ll order 10million rolls of your VarioWipes! Single-Sided Paper Towels as an initial purchase for $1.20 per roll and test their sales in our pharmacies across the USA.”


“Sure, Dainis, the idea looks great, if you send us samples we like, we’ll order 1million rolls of your VarioWipes! Single-Sided Paper Towels for $1.25 per roll”

or something along those lines.

The absolute minimum order would be 1mil rolls.

The moment you send a conditional commitment to purchase, I have investors lined up to finance making the samples for you.

Would you help a single-dad inventor’s dream come true? Please check out this marketing video — you can see the benefit the single-sided paper towels provide.

Once launched, we can add variations like IntimateWipes, CarWipes, ElectronicsWipes, PetWipes, MedWipes, MoistWipes, and more — which will all fly off the shelves.

Not only is this product a cash cow for you, it’s also environmentally sound. I’ve even taken considerable care to make sure that our manufacturing and consumption profile is helpful to the planet.

What would it take for you send me a “commitment to purchase” by the end of the week? Are there other conditions you’d like to add about delivery to specific warehouses, or product quality terms?


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