You’re Right, I Agree With YOU!

You’re right, I agree with you, and those other people are wrong! 

Being right feels so great, doesn’t it? Being right feels better than being wrong, and because we’re right, and they’re wrong, we feel better than they do. 

We don’t just feel better, we ARE better. We’re right, they’re wrong, and we’re better than they are. Should facts come up that necessitate reanalysis of our viewpoint, we’ll just resort to name-calling or some other form of harassment to verify our superiority. 

Being right is just so great! Just take a moment to bask in it! It’s like a ray of sun on a cloudy day, or rain during a drought, or rainbows and unicorns and candy. Healthy candy, not that unhealthy kind. 

Today, you’re being smiled at from above, because you’re right, and I agree with you and only you — but also with everyone who agrees with us. 


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