Writing Your First Songs Info And Downloads

Writing Your First Songs Info And Downloads

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Curriculum vitae — in German — Fancy!


I plopped a “bunch of stuff” onto this page. You’ll find your free report(s), some instructional videos, a small selection of my work, and a few testimonials.

I’ll improve this page continuously. 

I just had the idea to heavily reduce the price on my eBooks for people who engaged with my FB ad, so I’ll let you know about that shortly. 

Also, feel free to just let me know what’s up with your music-making. I’m on your side and am here for you!



Your Free Reports!


Edmund Rumpler, mein bisjezt ältester Student mit 70+

Studentenwerk Felix Marks Filmpartitur

Videobeispiele im U-musikbereich



Lied über die Herausforderung ein “Exillette” zu sein

Time Flies

Collaboration mit Musikern in den USA, lange bevor ich Komposition studiert habe. Text, Melodie und Gesang von mir. 

Jingle Bells 🙂

Also, für mich eine verträgliche Version von Jingle Bells. Mehrmals aufgeführt als ich Chorleiter des Arbeitersängerbundes Hietzing war

Analyse von F the Police by N.W.A. 

Live Songwriting Saturday — on Facebook Live!


Ein Studentenwerk meiner jüngsten Studentin (9 Jahre Alt!)




Geschriebene Bücher


Sight Singing for the 21st Century

How To Write Your Songs Down

Shelf Wood
Shelf Wood
Shelf Wood


May Yue

Watch my video about how the Profitable Virtual and Physical Business Integration process Dainis W. Michel is guiding me through is helping my business. Highly Recommended.

Akash Thakkar

I would like to thank Dainis for his incredible caring and kindness for fellow musicians, and for writing such a fantastic book. I dearly hope that as time goes by, this gets the recognition it deserves as a fantastic resource for musicians who want a jump start when it comes to composition.

Emily Sanders

“This is one of the most complete collections of practical songwriting resources and ideas, both for creative inspiration and for a myriad of professional musical skills. Easy to access and great fun to read, these books are a must for the serious songwriter. Dainis’ insight into the artist’s mind is exceptional!”

Lesley Pinkett

“I am truly impressed with both the quantity and the quality of the information in “How to write your songs down” by Dainis W. Michel. There has been a tremendous amount of work into this project and the result is a stunningly simple explanation of song writing techniques.”

Michael Schelle

“You always make me proud – as a musician but, more important, as a wonderful human being and exceptional dad!”

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