List of Works

I’ll make it a priority to update this list by the end of the year (2021). Currently, this is an overview of my works…

Shelf Wood
Shelf Wood
Shelf Wood

2004Room for 6 FlutesA strictly composed surround-sound 12-tone
composition that includes jazz, blues and hip-hop
elements, with one exception per section.

Performed at Universität für Musik und darstellende

Kunst Wien May, 2004
2003SaxofugueA fugue for saxophone quartet, presenting jazz
and baroque elements, stretching the taffy
between straight and swing time, rambunctiously
and sweetly navigating through music history.
Performed at Universität für Musik und darstellende
Kunst Wien June, 2003
2003SoldierJazz song
2003Uncertain MomentA chamber orchestra work intended to explore
subtle orchestration
2002Thema for SchwertsikA simple theme, used as the basis for several
variations, including: ragtime, waltz, minimalism,
song, eras of music, and other variations.

Ragtime Variation performed at Universität für Musik

und darstellende Kunst Wien June, 2002
2002Jautrais OdsBoth music and choreography completed by Dainis
W. Michel for the dance group Dzelmieši. The
dance and music was premiered at the “New
dance exhibition” of the 2002 Latvian International
Song and Dance festival, in Chicago. Festival
information available at:….
2002Three RosesRock song incorporating jazz and blues elements
2001First Symphonic EssayPiece for full orchestra. Duration 11 minutes.
Written in partial fulfillment of the requirements for
the Masters of Music degree in Music Composition
at Butler University.
2001Bang it!Percussion piece for 4 percussionists, available as
a percussion solo piece.

Performed at Butler University April 2001

2001Whew!Team Poetry piece for 9 musically trained

Performed at Butler University April 2001

2000FamilyChamber piece in Five movements for Flute,
Vibraphone, and Cello

I-IV Performed at Butler University April 2001

II, III Performed at Butler University December, 2000
III Performed at Indiana University, Bloomington, August
2000Skumjā DainaChoral work
  Performed in piano reduction in Vienna Austria, 2002
  Choral premiere at the Garezers Latvian Summer High
  School (GVV) Annual Concert 2001
  Piano reduction performed in GVV Summer School
  June 2001
2000Wohl und GutSolo voice and piano
  Performed at Butler University April 2001 and February
1999I ChooseThe first in a series of “team poetry.”
  Performed at Butler University March 2000
1999Piano Piece #1 forEasy piece with more “advanced” harmonies, so
 Adult beginnerthat the modern adult will not feel like a child.
  Possibly the first in a series.
1999To Row AcrossHarp, Piano, Cello
1999Water Under theA minimalist composition for Flute, Marimba, Harp,
 BridgePiano, and Cello.
  Performed at Butler University April 2001 and February
1998A Moment in LoveSpoken word with themes in piano reduction and
  instructions for jazz group, strings, and winds.
  Performed at Butler University April 2001
1998Can’t RunBloom: Rock song
  Recorded 1997/8
1998Do you go?Bloom: Rock song
  Recorded 1997/8
1998ExpressBloom: Rock song
  Recorded 1997/8
1998IntermingleChamber piece originally for 2 Fl., Oboe, Piano, 2
  Vln., 2 Vlc. Later re-scored for small orchestra
1998Invention BTwo-part invention
  Performed and recorded at Columbia College, Chicago
  September 1998
1998Ohne ZufallSolo clarinet
  Performed at Butler University November 1998
1998On timeBloom: Rock song
  Recorded 1997/8
1998To BelongBloom: Rock song
  Recorded 1997/8
1997Ever WonderBloom: Rock song
  Recorded 1997/8
1997FadeBloom: Rock song
  Recorded 1997/8
1997Let goBloom: Rock song
  Recorded 1997/8
1997Roller Coaster RideBloom: Rock song
  Recorded 1997/8
1997The Age We’re inBloom: Rock song
  Recorded 1997/8
1996Side by SideLove song
1996Time FliesRock collaboration
  Recorded 1996
1995Chance CompositionFor assorted instruments
1995Please Don’tSoft rock song for voice and piano
1995Run Away and FadeFor assorted instruments and performers,
  chance composition
1995Tired of All the RageRock song
1995What’s it all aboutPiano and tape
1994Another DaySka song
1994BabyRock song
1994Creep onHeavy rock song
1994Fly EasyHeavy rock song
1994Just becauseAlternative rock song

Recorded 1997/8

1994MontageSolo piano
1994Never Coming BackRock song
1994Shadow ScreamsRock collaboration
1994Who is your other?Rock song
1993CrownRock collaboration
1993GreenbacksJazz song
1993One Way StreetAlternative rock song
1993Spoiled Soft andAlternative rock song
1993Wait a MinuteCountry song
1992Grand Central StationBlues song
1992Hey YouAlternative rock song
1992Motorcycle MamaBlues Song
1992On the RoadRock song

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